Standard & exceptional Transportation

Heavy Transport

Standard & exceptional Transportation

Somalev specializes in the area of heavy transport and transport logistics. Our product offer contains a wide range of machines and products that can safely transport heavy loads from A to B. The set priorities when it comes to heavy transport are safety and efficiency. A well-planned heavy transport plan is a crucial element of every successful construction installation! Through the use of our professionally skilled operators and high-quality products, Somalev can help you transport the loads you need to have moved!

Our product

At Somalev, we make sure that our product line contains all the technical means to easily perform the most complex projects of heavy transport. Therefore, a variety of vehicles and machines is used to perform both conventional and special transport. These include:

  • Tractors
  • Wear tank 100 tons
  • Semi-trailers flatbed
  • Semi-trailers with extendable trays up to 18 meters
  • Semi-trailers for wear gear
  • Semi low loaders
  • Semi-trailers for containers
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By making usage of the various products, safe and time-efficient transportation of standard and exceptional loads is provided. Somalev will guide you through your specific project, from short distance transport to shipping heavy cargo both nationally and internationally. With our support, no limits are set when it comes to heavy transportation. The specific details of every project are carefully taken into account to deliver high-quality customized solutions that perfectly adapt to every challenge.

Qualified crew

With a project that requires heavy transport, safety is a crucial asset. At Somalev, we acknowledge that and handle every load with absolute caution. To ensure the best possible quality for your project, the crew at Somalev is not only experienced but also highly qualified and skilled to support your task. This makes sure that the machinery and vehicles needed for your project are operated and handled with industry leading knowledge and efficiency! With the combined forces, interventions can be designed to cut the costs, shorten the schedule and increase the quality of transport logistics.


In case there are any remaining questions regarding heavy transport or our products, we would like you to get in touch with us! Contact us for more information and possible offers. We would love to support your projects – nothing is too big!