Heavy Transport

Conventional and exceptional transport

SOMALEV is specialized in the area of heavy transport and transport logistics. Our product offer contains a wide range of machines and products that can safely transport heavy loads from A to B. The set priorities when it comes to heavy transport are safety and efficiency. A well-planned heavy transport plan is a crucial element of every successful construction installation! Through the use of our professionally skilled operators and high-quality products, SOMALEV can help you transport the loads you need to have moved!

Our product

SOMALEV has all the technical means to easily handle the most complex transport with a wide range of vehicles capable of transporting any load over any distance and unloading it at its destination:

  • MSPE, modular up to 800 tons capacity;
  • Tractors with counterweights;
  • Tank carriers;
  • Semi-trailers with trays that can be extended up to 18 metres;
  • Semi-trailers for machinery;
  • Low-bed semi-trailers;
  • Semi-trailers for containers.
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An optimized service

Exceptional transport cannot be improvised. Many regulations, sometimes cumbersome, exist and must be respected. SOMALEV takes full charge of these administrative aspects whilst ensuring the orderly transport of your loads of any size throughout Morocco. The specific details of every project are carefully taken into account to deliver high-quality customized solutions that perfectly adapt to every challenge. With the combined forces, interventions can be designed to cut the costs, shorten the schedule and increase the quality of transport logistics.