Logistic and storage

Logistic and storage

Logistic and storage by Somalev

Nowadays, the process of logistics is met by a higher demand and increased requirements. The smart solutions of Somalev can meet these requirements and offer a smart solution for every logistical challenge!

The warehouses

Somalev is the home of three warehouses at the northwestern coastline of Morocco. These warehouses are all located within a close range of major highways that link the city of Casablanca to different cities and regions within Morocco. Additionally, Morocco’s biggest port is located in Casablanca and is an essential center of shipping and logistics.

Somalev’s warehouses add up to a total available space of over 40.000 square meters and therefore sufficient capacity to meet any logistical challenge! In order to properly overcome these challenges, the warehouses are equipped with high-quality forklifts of 40 tons. The spaces leave opportunities for different means of handling according to the specific situation.

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Somalev – the solution for your problem!

If you find yourself with a logistical challenge that requires tools, equipment or specialists to overcome the problems, think of Somalev. We offer logistic services that not only do the job but do it well!

As an independent operator based in Casablanca, Somalev is specialized in the area of logistic services and has expertise in a broad range of services from lifting to heavy transport. At Somalev, we offer the best solution for your challenges regarding logistics and storage.

At the core of every successful constructional project is a strong and efficient logistics management and logistics solution! Therefore, a high-quality service and skilled human resources are needed to overcome infrastructure limitations.

Two of our core values that build a leading logistics company are safety and efficiency. To provide these, Somalev consists of personnel with qualifications of a high standard and skill as well as an environment that provides absolute safety for workers, products and projects.


In case there are any remaining questions regarding logistics management or our products, we would like you to get in touch with us! Contact us for more information and possible offers. We would love to support your projects – nothing is too big!