Lifting of persons

Manlift equipment for your project

Somalev is offering market leading equipment for people lifting. The wide range of equipment and machinery associated with the activity of man lifting is ensuring to suit the needs and objectives for every project. Our park of machines is adapted to different kinds of high work that require a large variety of activity areas.

The products

Especially the industries of wind power, ports & shipyards, as well as construction work often require the workers to perform tasks in different heights. Somalevs broad product offer is turning people lifting into a time efficient and safe activity. The products can be applied in various fields and mainly consist of telescopic platforms. Through the use of these platforms, the current maximum height and the horizontal outreach are improved and offer better conditions than comparable aerial platforms. These machines can reach a maximum height of up to 42 meters both with or without an operator and offer exceptional operational accessibility. The platforms for people lifting are engineered and designed to easily maneuver in tight spaces. Our product line additionally includes:

  • A large park of mobile cranes with a capacity from 20 to 250 tons with boom lengths up to 82 meters
  • A range of forklifts with a capacity from 2 to 42 tons
  • Telescopic tractor-trailer up to 42 meters
  • Semi-trailers with extendable trays up to 18 meters
  • Semi-trailers and semi-trailers for containers
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Safety is our main priority when it comes to people lifting. SOMALEV products ensure that safe conditions are provided at all times both in and outside of the lifting machines. In order to maximize safety measures and provide high safety quality, the machines are subject to rigorous preventive maintenance and are submitted to regular monitoring visits. Additionally, all our professional operators are aware of the safety rules that are in force and hold the authorization of specific conduct.

Our machines, your project

Our platforms for people lifting are suitable to all types of activities: construction, maintenance, servicing and set up. All man lifting machines are selected on rigorous grounds and perfectly adjust to the specifics of your sites and the project that is planned. In case a man lifting machine is only needed temporarily, it is possible to rent the equipment for the exact purpose and objectives of your project.

Get more information

If there are any remaining questions about platforms for people lifting or how to acquire or rent lifting equipment that perfectly suits your project, you can contact us. Our employees will gladly assist you and provide all the needed information.