As an independent operator based in Casablanca, Somalev offers personalized support for a wide range of projects. The services that can be provided include six different areas of expertise:

Behind every successful project is a team of skilled personnel and the involvement of high-quality equipment and tools. At Somalev, we provide the full range of customized service that is needed for your project.


The sector of petrochemicals consists of immense size and includes products ranging from fertilizers to petroleum and plastics. Especially through the constant pressure regarding environmental regulations, it is essential for all involved parties to conduct projects in a careful and environmentally responsible way. Somalev is not only experienced but additionally carries a large line of equipment that is capable for different requirements and conditions. These products include heavy lifting and transport services that are engineered in a way that increases the efficiency for the tasks! By collaborating closely with the customer and providing the products and services they need, Somalev helps to carry out efficient execution of petrochemical plant projects in just the right way!

Wind power & renewables

Wind power and renewables have enjoyed a large increase in demand throughout the past years by creating a more sustainable alternative to traditional approaches. Since this industry matures, it is of important nature to provide only the best available products and services to ensure that power makes its way into people’s homes. With the usage of Somalev’s heavy lifting and transport services, the costs can be reduced while the schedule gets optimized. We can support your wind farm construction project from the planning stage all the way through the logistics of the execution!

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Ports & Shipyards

Through optimized design and execution, Somalev is an excellent choice for transport operations and heavy lifting in and around ports and shipyards. We can offer a solution that is safer and resulting in a more efficient construction which maximizes the productivity of ships and harbors. Especially when it comes to work on ports, safety issues have to be thoughtfully taken into account and erased in order to minimize any kind of disruption that might occur. Therefore, Somalev solely provides qualified personnel and the right equipment to facilitate optimal construction conditions.

Mining & Metals

Somalev supports to improve the things that matter in the mining & metals sector: safety and time. And in order to improve these, only the highest of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment is good enough. Collaborating with Somalev ensures that these are provided in order to cut down on both needed time and costs and create a better experience within the mining industry!


In case there are any remaining questions regarding the mining & metals sector or our products, we would like you to get in touch with us! Contact us for more information and possible offers. We would love to support your projects – nothing is too big!