Heavy lifting Morocco

Heavy lifting

Specialized and reliable heavy lifting equipment

Somalev is specialized in heavy lifting and heavy lift shipping in Morocco. Do you want large and heavy cargo to be lifted and shipped? Somalev can supply the right equipment, expertise and experience to do the job efficiently and above all safely.

At Somalev we have a large park of machinery and vehicles for heavy lifting. For each type of heavy lifting we have specialized and reliable heavy lifting equipment:

  • A large park of mobile cranes with a capacity from 20 to 400 tons with boom lengths up to 82 meters
  • Wide range of construction machinery (shovels, loaders, graders and compactors)
  • Platforms with height up to 42 meters
  • A range of forklifts with a capacity from 2 to 42 tons
  • Telescopic tractor-trailer up to 42 meters
  • Wear tanks with a capacity up to 100 ton
  • Semi-trailers with extendable trays up to 18 meters
  • Semi-trailers and semi-trailers for containers
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Qualified crew

Heavy lifting and handling heavy material is a complex job. Therefore at Somalev we only work with a highly qualified and experienced crew perfectly capable of operating and handling the machinery and vehicles with your cargo in a safe and efficient way.

Heavy lift shipping

Somalev is not only specialised in heavy lifting, we can also provide in heavy lift shipping. We can transport heavy cargo both over short and long distances. For example it’s possible to move your cargo only a few meters to the other side of the building. But we can also provide in shipping it to another country for you. Within Morocco or all over the world. You name it, we take care of it.

Heavy lift company

As one of the leading heavy lifting and heavy lift shipping companies in Morocco we know our way around and work through various activities and industries. We are active in several areas including those in the industrial, petrochemical, mining, maritime and civil sector. Apart from heavy lifting and handling Somalev heavy lifting and shipping also provides in the following services:

More information

Contact us for more information and ask us for an offer. We love to build with you on your projects.