Equipment rental

At SOMALEV, we understand that specific tools or materials might only be needed for a certain span of time. If equipment is only required to be involved in one project, purchasing is often not worthwhile. However, it is impossible to complete construction work in a sufficient manner if the needed equipment, tools or materials are not at hand.

That is why SOMALEV decides to facilitate the success of any kind of project, ranging from construction work in mines or around shipyards all the way to petrochemicals and wind power. This assistance for the processes happens via a rental service that offers clients and companies to rent just the products they need for just the time they are needed. This way, the unnecessary costs of purchasing the materials can be reduced while the efficiency of the construction gets improved.

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With its subsidiary HCEM, an official distributor of Hyundai Machinery, SOMALEV offers a wide range of new and used construction equipment for short, medium and long term rental, with or without operator.

SOMALEV helps you to focus on your core business with innovative solutions for financing your investments in machinery, and with contracts adapted to the duration of your projects and the needs of your sites.

Our products are specialized for lifting and transport purposes, ranging from people lifting to industrial transfers or exceptional transportations. SOMALEV has a wide range of:

  • Hydraulic excavators of different tonnages 
  • Wheel loaders
  • Graders
  • Compactors
  • Bulldozer
  • Platforms
  • Mobile cranes