Aftissat project

Unloading of wind turbines in the port of Laayoune

SOMALEV, more invested than ever in the energy transition and renewable energies, has made its contribution to a project that was close to its heart: the Aftissat project to create a 200MW wind farm south of Boujdour.

Indeed, for nearly 9 months, SOMALEV teams worked in the port of Laayoune to unload SIEMENS wind turbines that had arrived as spare parts and load them onto tank carriers towards Boujdour. SOMALEV also took care of the unloading on site.

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In order to achieve this, the group has deployed an optimized system combining efficiency and safety with 4 cranes and a team of 15 professionals. A long-term work with pieces weighing more than 85t and measuring more than 37m.

June 19, 2019.

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